DrainIt Plumbing

Drain It Plumbing

Specialties: Real Estate

We love helping buyer’s and seller’s agents ensure their properties are free of plumbing issues.

Top Services for Realtors

  • Underground sewer inspections
  • In house plumbing inspections
  • Detailed reports
  • Utilities (gas, emergency earthquake shut off valve) inspections

As your first point of contact for your client, here are visual red flags to look out for in a home that can help in getting your client a good deal.

🚨 Is there a large tree in the front yard? It may provide great shade but there is a 50/50 chance its roots are damaging your sewer line.

🚨 Is there a main sewer line cleanout? If not, chances are the main sewer line has NEVER been properly serviced. You can catch the problem early and catch a credit before you close the deal.

The Drain It Plumbing team is solution driven. Our detailed reports are flexible to your needs and the needs of your client. You will get red carpet experience with a blue collar service.

Get us in there to provide an in depth overall plumbing assessment and make it turn key ready. We don’t just Drain It…WE FIX IT!